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Stephane Tavares, known as DJ Vox, is a franco-african artist. From a very young age, music as been his passion. In his teenage years DJ Vox decided his passion will become part of his everyday life. His only goal is to become the best music producer of all time. He wants to touch people with music the way music touches his life.
At the age of 18, DJ Vox  starts working in the most influencial night clubs of the french riviera. For 3 summers, Vox will colaborate in about 20 of them, and do about 200 shows.
At 22 Vox exports his talent to the US and the UK. He would spend few months out the year to improve his knowledge and skills. Those amazing trips have opened his  mind which has played a significant role in his work. He learns piano on his own and starts composing for young artists. In the persue of perfection Vox decides to settle-in in Canada, where he will continue learning and improving his skills as a music producer.
Dj vox is a very competitiv, innovative and persistant person, qualities that are a must in the music industry.

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